Wedding Bands

Wedding Band guitar One of the most important things at a wedding is the wedding bands. It’s something special that both the bride and the groom will be able to wear, always. It will remind them of the vows they made and off the great love that they share with the other person. This is one thing that must accompany any wedding…it wont be the same without these special things that the bride and groom can share.

Make sure you both get wedding bands that the other person likes. Getting married is something that will be forever, so you must love the ring that you will be having on your finger. Discuss your likes and dislikes with each other and make the choosing and buying process a little easier.

The prices of wedding bands differ quite a bit so get prices from all jewelry stores in your town and also check out a few online stores. You can sit in the comfort of your own home and browse through a large number of galleries displaying all types and designs. You will definitely be able to find something that you like. Also get your partner involved and let him or her also look at the pictures to see what they like.

Once you both know which designs and sizes you want then you know what your wedding band budget should be and you can start saving until you can afford to buy the rings. But make sure to check out a number of places before you make the decision on where to buy. Ask the shops any questions that you might have about the jewelry of their payment options.

If you are using wedding bands from grandmas or grandpa’s then have the jewelry cleaned before the wedding at a proper jewelry shop. That will ensure that they are nice and shiny on the wedding day and they will look brand new. It will also look much nicer on the wedding pictures if the bands have been cleaned.

Make sure to put the wedding bands away in a safe place until the wedding. You don’t want them to get lost or stolen right before the wedding. You should also have these insured the moment you buy them incase anything happens then at least you know you have insurance. This is one thing you don’t want to forget.

On the day of the wedding make sure the wedding bands go into the right hands of whoever you choose to look after the rings until its time to exchange them. Choose a responsible person and not the party animal in the family to look after these 2 precious things.

The wedding bands will truly make you feel a lot of love and happiness long after the wedding is over. It just “seals the deal” for lack of a better phrase. Start getting your plans ready and organize all the things I mentioned above to ensure the wedding band part of your wedding goes completely smoothly.

How is a Limousine Made?

Limousine with side wallsLimo chaise Limo Stretched

Have you ever wondered how they make a stretch Limousine? We have got a great video from the TV show How Its Made. This short little 5 minute Video will give you an inside glance at just how a stretch limousine is cut and extended. You will see how they cut the limo, install the safety glass, put on that vinyl roof and even see some of the cool lighting. Check it out.