The Bridal Association of America is Growing.  Here is a List of the current Chapters and a Link to their website.


Kern County Bridal Association
President – Kyle Brown
Phone – (661) 633-9200

Ventura County Bridal Association
President – Debbie McKenzie
Phone – (805) 416-8500


Clark County Bridal Association
President – Carissa Simao
Phone – (702) 960-0606


Davis County Bridal Association
President – Danielle Arana
Phone – (801) 896-4418

Weber County Bridal Association
President – Danielle Arana
Phone – (801) 896-4418

Establishing and Organizing a Local Chapter

If you don’t have a Chapter in your local area contact the Bridal Association of America about starting one.

Members of the Bridal Association of American can form local chapters. The Association encourages local chapters as a means of advancing its mission, increasing membership and preparing Members for leadership in their community. The following guide provides information on the process of forming chapters.

Why Go Local?

The Bridal Association of American is an effective national organization which delivers a range of benefits to members. There are many things that can be accomplished on a local level much more effectively. Local chapters serve as a venue for members to get together, exchange views, attend continuing education courses, produce Bridal Events, Produce Local Publication, Get group discounts on Liability Insurance and social activities. Local chapters can regularly interact in a local community to provide programs or activities that directly impact the success of weddings. And, most importantly, a local organization is aware of and sensitive to the needs that are unique to every community. For these reasons, the creation of a local chapter would make sense and provide value to the Wedding professionals.

What You Need To Get Started

Starting a chapter is not a difficult process, but it is a process which requires commitment. It requires Wedding professionals who agree with the BAOA’s mission and wish to take a proactive role accomplishing the mission Without this commitment an effective chapter cannot exist.

Steps in getting started

What To Do, Once You Are Started

Forms, Documents & Supplies

Our organization requires paper to function. Be prepared to use the following forms. Most will be provided by the National Office.

  1. Membership application (N)
  2. Certification of Membership (N)
  3. Receipt books (L)
  4. Flyers for events (L)
  5. Newsletters or informational mailings (L)
  6. Schedules of events (L)
  7. Renewal notices (N)
  8. Banner (NL)


Don’t worry about doing everything right away. Organizations grow and develop. The important thing is to start. The Bridal Association of American Membership Committee stands ready to assist any members in starting a local chapter. The BAOA can connect members and facilitate the many tasks required.



  • (N) = National Office Will Provide / Administer.
  • (L) = Local Chapter Will Handle
  • (NL) = Collaboration between National & Local