Arriving With BB Webb

Arriving With BB Webb Book: Build Your Business

BB Webb is a respected leader in the Wedding Industry.  Founder of award winning Carl House, located just outside of Atlanta, GA, she speaks nationally to Wedding Professionals sharing her unique brand of savvy and business smarts, working to raise the bar of excellence in our industry.  As an author, BB share stories and advice to business owner from her over 13 years creating and running her respected venue.  BB is now coaching business owners throughout the United States, helping them to put workable systems in place, develop cultures that work and memorable brands that others want to emulate. “you are the small business ‘boss’ others aspire to be!”  Shannon Underwood, VP Wedding MBA

She is offering her book through the Bridal Association for only $15.  Her DVDs are available for $20.  In addition, Bridal Association members get 15% off her coaching services.

Arriving with BB Webb
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