Preferred Partner Program

The Bridal Association of America would like to form a relation ship with you to offer our members better service, products and/or member only pricing.

Bridal Association of America
Preferred Partner Program Information

Bridal Association of America Will Provide:
Listing of your company and offer on the main page of the Preferred Partner Program and in our members section
Add you to our email newsletter to the members of the Association in regards to your product
Please send information as you would like it to read
Use of the Bridal Association logo in marketing / advertising / website
Your company will provide:
Exclusive Discount on services to members of the Bridal Association of America.
Display with link the Bridal Association Logo on your websites home page and throughout all public pages (we will provide coding)

To be considered please contact Debbie McKenzie via email or phone: or call 805-416-8500