Have Dinner with David Tutera

Not everyone can say that they have ever met a celebrity – much less actually having dinner with someone famous! However, here at Bridal Association of America, we will provide you with this unique opportunity at the end of January! We’re inviting David Tutera for dinner and you are more than welcomed to join us as well!

My Fair Wedding

What are some of the most important things to know about David Tutera’s work and our Bridal Event? We have gathered some info right below – so read on and find out more.

  • A true visionary of our age, David Tutera started his career at the early age of 19. With his grandfather’s advice in mind and with one first client, David built a business that is world-renowned for its creativity, elegance and uniqueness. An attentive planner, an exquisite designer and a man who knows how to create stunning beauty out of the ordinary, David Tutera is one of the biggest names in the wedding industry.
  • Bridal Association of America is genuinely proud to have him present at our event on January 30th and 31st. The Bridal Event will take place at Kern County Bridal Association and it will include a showcase of Tutera’s latest collection, a discussion with him and a VIP dinner where you can actually meet this amazingly talented person.
  • We have provided you with multiple ticket options and they are selling really fast, so if you want to catch a spot on our Meet and Greet with David Tutera, you should definitely hurry up!

Want to find out more about Bridal Association of America’s Bridal Event, what it will include and how you can book tickets? Come visit our website and let’s start 2016 in grand style together with one of the most talented people in the entire wedding industry!


How To Build a Solid Social Media Marketing Foundation

In a world where even a 5-year old is permanently connected to the Internet and where Social Media has become an integral part of our daily lives, running a business without a great online presence is almost as unsuccessful as running a business without any kind of plan.

If you work in the bridal industry, you know very well how important it is that you have a solid Social Media marketing foundation – especially considering how many brides search the Internet and the Social Media when planning their Big Day.

How to build a great Social Media marketing foundation, though? We have gathered some tips to help you – so read on to find out more.

Twitter Instagram Facebook

  • Find your target audience. You cannot attract ideal clients if you don’t know how they “look” like. So one of the first steps in creating a truly successful Social Media marketing campaign is to know very well who your target audience is. Who are your clients? What kind of weddings do they like? How much can they afford to spend on their Big Day? Questions like these are very important, so take them seriously.
  • Find your voice. There are a million-and-one Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram accounts dedicated to weddings. And yet, there’s only one “you”. Find what makes you unique, find what your business’ “voice” is and push these into your Social Media campaigns. Make yourself recognizable in a sea of wedding professionals “fighting” for the same brides and grooms.
  • Keep it 80/20. If you want to make sure you don’t bore your potential clients, create your Social Media posts according to the 80/20 rule. In other words, post 80% about your wedding business and 20% about things that might be interesting for your brides, but which are not related to your business per se.

The Bridal Association of America has brought together some of the most exquisite and talented wedding professionals in the US. If you want to network, if you want to meet likeminded pros and if you want to be recommended by other amazing vendors, make sure to contact us and see how our association works.

And if you haven’t planned anything for January 31st, come see the biggest event of the year at the Kern County Fairgrounds. Not only are we planning a lot of inspiring surprises for you, but we have invited the magnificent David Tutera himself to join us as well! So, if you want to meet and greet with one of the most important people in the wedding industry of the moment and hear what he has to say, you should definitely book your ticket for our Bridal Event! We guarantee it will be absolutely unforgettable!

Come Meet David Tutera January 30 & 31 2016

Here at Bridal Association of America, we are always honest about acknowledging true talent in the wedding industry. And it is with the same high level of honesty that we admit we truly appreciate what David Tutera has done for brides over the years.


Born in 1966, David Tutera is by far one of the biggest and most well-known names in the wedding industry. What are the most important things you should know about him? We have gathered some of them right below – so read on if you want to find out more.

  • Although very popular for his wedding gown designs (David Tutera for Mon Cheri), David is a very complex artist who really knows how to bring out the most beautiful elements for a lady’s Big Day.
  • The products bearing his name cover a wide range of wedding needs – from shoes and jewelry to elements meant to be include in the wedding design (such as wedding fabrics, invitations and crafts). And what’s more important is that each and every single one of these items are absolutely gorgeous!
  • Furthermore, David Tutera also offers event planning and design services and advice and he has also written numerous books on how brides can plan perfect weddings in a flawless way.
  • All in all, David is an amazing talent ready to share his expertise with those willing to listen – and trust us when we say that he has a lot of experience to share.

Want to meet this amazing wedding pro? Bridal Association of America will organize a special event on the 30th and the 31st of January – and you could be here to meet David Tutera too! Come visit us at Kern Country Bridal Association or call us at 800.200.9935 to see how you can buy tickets for our event! You will definitely love every single second of it!