Fashion show produced by Enchanted Bridal Boutique

Regardless of whether you are a wedding professional seeking to learn more about the amazing industry we’re all part of or if you are a bride searching for the best and most stunning wedding gown, we are sure the big Bridal Show we have planned for you at the end of this month will be truly spectacular for you.

David Tuters Dress

Not only will we bring in one of the most famous names of the entire industry – David Tutera – but we’re also going to showcase some of his latest wedding dress designs too.

What are some of the most important things to know about this bridal show and about Enchanted Bridal Boutique and David Tutera? We have gathered them right below – so read on and find out more!

  • The Bridal Event takes place on January 31st, Sunday. However, the fashion show will take place on Saturday . Please remember that General Admission tickets will not provide you entrance for the show – but the VIP, Platinum VIP and Dinner tickets will.
  • The show is produced by Enchanted Bridal Boutique and it will focus on David Tutera’s 2016 collection – so if you want a sneak peek into this year’s most beautiful wedding gown trends, you should definitely attend the event.
  • Every single dress created under the David Tutera name is unique in its own way. Intricate but timelessly elegant and never too crowded, these gowns are meant to celebrate femininity and grace – and they are also meant to make every lady feel amazingly special for her Big Day.

Want to learn more about the Bridal Event and what it will include? Want to see how you can book your tickets for the end of the month event at Kern County Fairgrounds? Come visit Bridal Association of America’s website and find out everything you need to know!

Have Dinner with David Tutera

Not everyone can say that they have ever met a celebrity – much less actually having dinner with someone famous! However, here at Bridal Association of America, we will provide you with this unique opportunity at the end of January! We’re inviting David Tutera for dinner and you are more than welcomed to join us as well!

My Fair Wedding

What are some of the most important things to know about David Tutera’s work and our Bridal Event? We have gathered some info right below – so read on and find out more.

  • A true visionary of our age, David Tutera started his career at the early age of 19. With his grandfather’s advice in mind and with one first client, David built a business that is world-renowned for its creativity, elegance and uniqueness. An attentive planner, an exquisite designer and a man who knows how to create stunning beauty out of the ordinary, David Tutera is one of the biggest names in the wedding industry.
  • Bridal Association of America is genuinely proud to have him present at our event on January 30th and 31st. The Bridal Event will take place at Kern County Bridal Association and it will include a showcase of Tutera’s latest collection, a discussion with him and a VIP dinner where you can actually meet this amazingly talented person.
  • We have provided you with multiple ticket options and they are selling really fast, so if you want to catch a spot on our Meet and Greet with David Tutera, you should definitely hurry up!

Want to find out more about Bridal Association of America’s Bridal Event, what it will include and how you can book tickets? Come visit our website and let’s start 2016 in grand style together with one of the most talented people in the entire wedding industry!


Celebrity Meet & Greet with David Tutera

Few people have the rare gift of inspiring us like David Tutera does. Unique and incredibly successful for the obvious reasons, David has made us feel really lucky for being part of this amazing industry – and he definitely made us all want to be better at what we do!

David Tutera PR Headshot

At the beginning of 2016, Bridal Association of America is proud to host one of the most important events so far – the Bridal Event, where you will have the chance to actually meet & greet with the amazing David Tutera!

Here are some of the things you will want to know about our Bridal Event:

  • It will take place on January 30th and 31st at Kern County Bridal Association and it will be comprised out of multiple “treats” aimed at wedding professionals.
  • The Bridal Event will include a stunning showcasing of David Tutera’s new line of wedding dresses for 2016 (and the fashion show will be brought to you by Enchanted Bridal Boutique).
  • Furthermore, David Tutera will also get on stage and he will speak about weddings and his ideas. Also, he will be ready to answer questions as well – so if you have something to ask him, make sure you’re here for our event!
  • In addition to all this, the event will also give you the opportunity to meet and greet with this giant of the wedding industry – so buying a VIP ticket will be more than worth it!

Want to learn more about our Bridal Event and how you can join us? Come visit Bridal Association of America and see what ticket options you have and how you can book your spot on the biggest and most fabulous event of 2016! We guarantee you will love every single second of this huge surprise we have prepared for you!