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Analysis and fountain penThe Bridal Association of America has been Quoted in many reliable sources over the years.  Our bridal statistics come from many sources including our members, brides other industry professionals, online sources as well as our local and national government.

Below you will find some of the latest information on weddings in the US

The Average cost of a wedding in the US is $25,285 with most brides and grooms spending less than this amount some ware between 14,000 & 19,000 for a wedding of 120 guest.  This is just for the ceremony and reception and does not included outside revenue for a local economy.

The local economy can benefit greatly from the wedding market.  On average wedding of 120 guest will have 40 of these guest from out of the area with resort location much higher.  This can produce millions of dollar for the local economy.  For just your typical couple coming to a friends wedding from out of the area the city will see an approximately $540.  Most people will stay 2 nights in a hotel, Go out to dinner at least once at a upscale restaurant, Put gas in their car, go out for a meal (other than the fancy dinner) at least 3 more time, Go to a local entertainment attraction (theme park, movie, bar/pub, etc).  This does not included other revenue this couple may bring to the economy such as airfare, car rental and gift for the wedding couple.

Below you will find some basic wedding cost across the US.

Wedding Gowns

Kim-Kardashians-Wedding-DressIn 2014 the average price paid for a wedding gown in the United States was $1197.  Their are many wedding gowns ranging  in price from the sale gown at $99 to Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Dress at a whopping 2.1 million dollars.

This Givenchy dress was designed by Riccardo Tisci, for Kim’s wedding in May of 2014 to Kanye West. It broke the record as the World’s most expensive celebrity wedding dress! This dress was not used in our calculations. Image source: Pintrest



TuxedoThe Bow Tie is Back!  In 2014 most celebrities seem to opt for the Bow Tie over the straight tie.  This is very evident in the 2014 Emmys.  As most grooms do not buy their tuxedo. The Avg price for a full Tuxedo Rental in 2014 was $196.  This includes Paints, Jacket, Shirt, Shoes, Bow Tie & Cuff links (although most grooms opt to buy Cuff links)