B-Glamorous is a distributor for SeneGence and LipSence covering all-in-one care that consists of 300 Anti-Aging Skin Care & Long Lasting Cosmetic Coverage.  All SKIN CARE has highly advanced natural science SenePlex complex to improve and ensure over 23% increase in cellular renewal.

Our SKIN CARE is a 24-hour system made to fit ANY type of SKIN such as: DRY, NORMAL to DRY, NORMAL to OILY, OILY to ACNE

Our Entire line of SKIN CARE and COSMETIC products will CORRECT, and PREVENT ALL signs of aging with a mix of products that are 100% GUARANTEED using only Pharmaceutical Grade Rating, NO Animal Testing, Natural Ingredients, Gluten Free, without GMO, NO Waxes or Led, FDA Approved, and made in the USA.

SENESHIELD is our Advanced Anti-Aging Foundation which shields ANY harmful hazards, toxic pollutions, and UV Rays. This POWERFUL foundation COVERAGE is a blend of Natural Minerals and Vitamins to Moisturize and provide  WATER-RESISTANT, OIL FREE, and SPF30, coverage while adjusting to your skin tone pigmentation. Our ENTIRE LINE of COSMETICS which include: Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer, Advanced Anti-Aging Pearlizer, Corrective Color Concealer, Cream Blushes, Translucid Powder & Bronzer, ShadowSence matte & shimmer, Brow coverage, Eyeliners, Lash builders and our MOST POPULAR brand LIPSENSE offering 36 colors of choice.

LIPSENCE is a Long-lasting lip color it is unlike ANY lipstick, stain or color. It is WATER-PROOF, SMIDGE-PROOF, KISS-PROOF, SMEAR-PROOF, and it is made with Natural Herbs and POWERFUL Anti-Oxidants to provide exfoliating and rejuvenating lips.

ALL products again are 100% GUARANTEE to any customer Nationally and Internationally.
independent distributor for Lipsense

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