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How to Respond to Vendors Who Fall Below Expectations

Written by Dafna Miller Dafna Miller Entertainment Los Angeles, CA

When hiring a vendor, through contracts and discussions, expectations are created. As a bride or groom there is a level of confidence that you should have in your vendors. The caterers will provide great food that is at the right temperature and not run out, the Flowers will be brilliant and correct, the timeline will go as planned and the DJ will have all the right songs. These are proper expectations, but what do you do if the food is cold, the bouquet is made from the wrong flowers or the DJ has forgotten to bring your first dance song?

First of all, much can be avoided by following certain steps;

1. Interview several wedding vendors in each category and follow your gut as well as your budget
2. Create a checklist for the day of for each vendor
3. Make sure the vendor is completely clear and aware of your expectations in writing.
4. Hire an Event Coordinator, "One who has done many weddings" if not for the whole planning, at least for the day of
5. If you do not have an Event Coordinator appoint a specific person for each vendor to make sure all is according to plan for the day of. It makes some guests feel like a part of and can ease your mind.
Now if you have done what you can and expectations still are not met (let?s face it, none of us have a perfect work day everyday) the best thing is to take a big deep breath and a moment to calm before reacting. Decide before hand if you are the type of bride/groom that wants to know about situations as they arise or want to be kept out of the loop and just enjoy the evening.

Communicate which you are to your vendors or coordinator(s). The best way to approach a vendor who has not met requirements is to ask what they can do to remedy the situation. Empower them. They already feel bad enough and being barked at will just make the situation worse. Vendors understand that this is the most important day for you and that you are paying them, in general most will do whatever they can to fix the problem. Be realistic with your request in the situation. If the florist has created a bouquet of the wrong flowers and does not have any of the one?s that you requested and cannot get them then create an alternative with what the vendor does have.

While this can be very upsetting and disheartening for a bride/groom realize that the more time and energy spent on stressing, and being angry the less time you will enjoy with your loved ones.

After the wedding is the time to approach your vendors, usually after the honeymoon. Feedback to all vendors is always appreciated as it helps them grow and you feel better. If you are disappointed with the service express that. Ask for what you would like in exchange for your disappointment. They cannot replace the problems of the wedding night, but perhaps they can ease the pocket book or send you a gift or even flowers to your bridal party, etc. There is always a solution.

The most important thing at any wedding is that you enjoy why you are there, celebrating with family and friends. A vendor will always do their utmost to provide the best service possible to you. No matter what there has never been a wedding that has fallen apart to such a point that it ruined the day, at least not on my watch.

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